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Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby (ACIL) originally founded in February 2021 as the Northern Australia Insurance Lobby (NAIL) which was established as the leading consumer representative group on the issue of affordability & availability of insurance in Northern Australia.  While Northern Australia remains a key focus of our association, we have discovered broader consumer issues including those associated with affordability & availability of insurance and in June 2022, members of NAIL decided to rename as Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby to be consumer advocate more broadly for consumers . 

Affordability & availability of insurance is devaluing properties because it can increase outgoing costs for property owners so significantly that it can render a property worthless in the most extreme circumstances.   Likewise, the cost of insurance is having an impact on the cost of doing business in impacted regions and business who cannot afford or find insurance face the prospect of having to cease operating.

Governments and insurers have a role to play in ensuring all Australians and Australian businesses have access to affordable insurance to protect their livelihood.  We are the voice for Australian consumers and we are here to advocate for policy holders across Australia.


As the leading consumer representative group on insurance issues, ACIL’s key priorities in the coming year will be to:


  1. Work with various stakeholders to ensure the implementation of the Cyclone Reinsurance Pool is fit for purpose for consumers.This includes dealing with consumer issues following the release of the reinsurance pool and representing consumers on the expansion of the re-insurance pool to include marine risks from 1 July 2022;

  2. Broaden the scope of the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation to deal with other insurance market failures such as flood, bushfire, storm surge, leisure industry liability etc.

  3. Lobby for the removal of government stamp duties and levies from insurance;


Affordability and availability of insurance has created a crisis for some consumers and businesses, and we are here to work with Government and insurers on solutions to protect the financial prosperity of Australian’s. 


We are a lobby group and our sole purpose is to get a better outcome for policy holders in Northern Australia by providing more favourable insurance premiums, excess and terms & conditions.

We will do this by:

- Creating draft recommendations for governments on policies they can implement to address the insurance crisis.

- Working with insurers to find meaningful ways to resolve the insurance crisis.

- Ensuring the issue of affordability and availability of insurance is top of mind for voters during elections, by providing factual information about the insurance crisis and promoting positive messages for political parties who adopt policies that improve conditions for policy holders in Northern Australia.

- Assist the public by providing suggestions (not advice) on providers that may assist with insurance cover.


To do all of this effectively, we need donations from the public.  Click here to donate today.

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